Food Intolerances

Living with food intolerance is much easier than it used to be. There is a lot of help and advice available for those who have food sensitivities. For example, the overcomefoodintolerances website offers detailed information on the subject including advice about foods that you can eat and those that you need to avoid.

There are now plenty of allergen-free foods out there and in most countries, food manufacturers and restaurateurs are now required to tell people about any common allergens that are included in their foods. It is, therefore, much easier to avoid those foods that you are sensitive to.

However, there is one area of life where things are still not easy. If you travel and stay in hotels and bed and breakfast accommodation it can sometimes be hard to get your food sensitivity taken seriously. This is usually because they do not understand the importance of the issue, or because they are worried about their ability to accommodate the needs of someone with special dietary needs.

This problem is what prompted me to write this post. Here are a few tips to help you to cope with this issue.

Avoid eating in the hotel

One of the safest approaches is to avoid eating in the hotel or bed and breakfast establishment. Most restaurant chains are used to catering to people with food sensitivities. They are set up to do so. Their menus include details of common allergens and their staff is trained to understand the importance of ensuring that people get accurate information about what is in a dish.

Explain your dietary needs in advance

That said some hoteliers and bed and breakfast owners are very good at looking after people with food sensitivities. Therefore, before you book room only just ask the question. If they respond positively and you are confident that they can provide food that is free of allergens, by all means, book half board or bed and breakfast.

Take some spare food supplies

allergen free foods

Most big supermarkets sell a wide range of allergen-free foods. If you fancy putting together a picnic in a large town or city it is easy because you can just go to the supermarket and buy all of the dairy, wheat, and gluten-free food you want. In a small isolated village, you may have to travel for up to an hour to get to a shop that sells a wide range of allergen-free foods. It makes sense to take some of your favorite allergen-free snacks with you.

Take your medications

When you are away and on holiday, you are inevitably more likely to make a mistake and end up eating something that upsets your stomach. Therefore, it makes sense to take some basic stomach medications with you to help you to cope with the adverse symptoms. Taking an anti-diarrhea medication will allow you to get on with your day and continue to enjoy your holiday instead of having to spend days confined to your hotel room.


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