Fall is in the air and with it comes the pending onslaught of holiday and Christmas sales. But what will make this year’s holiday sales different from previous years will be the rising presence of retailers using social media to target customers and drive business to their stores. With many being affected by unemployment and rising costs of living, people will be on the lookout for bargains.

icon-1319606_1280These two factors are addressed in the recent study done by research company, Oneupweb which compared holiday traffic trends from the past two years at the top-ranking e-tailers, social sites and review sites against the latest user trends. The study points out two interesting facts regarding holiday sales and social media: one is consumers are actively seeking out information on possible holiday gift purchases through social media; and secondly, as many as 25% of people using social media are posting links to other companies, products or services.
And this report from Deloitte’s Retail Group points out the importance of retailer’s embracing social media in light of their prediction of a flat holiday shopping season for retailers:“Retailers that can harness the power of technology likely have a better chance of engaging those consumers who are willing to spend,” said Stacy Janiak, vice chairman and U.S. retail leader for Deloitte LLP, in a statement. “The proliferation of mobile applications and social networks may yield new opportunities to pursue targeted advertising, build brand loyalty and measure campaign effectiveness.”
The emergence of social media’s importance in retailer’s holiday sales shows how vital it is for retailers of all sizes to embrace social media. It will be interesting to see which retailers- both locally and nationally- utilize social media to their benefit, and how they do it. So what are your thoughts on retailers utilizing social media to draw in customers? How do you think they should do it? By posting coupons on their Facebook page? Sending out tweets about sales? Let me and everyone else know in the Comments section below.


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