Brits complain about hygiene standards while travelling

According to a survey by HolidayTravelWatch, more British holidaymakers are filing complaints than ever before, and a lot of them are related to hygiene standards and sickness.

There was a long list of problems highlighted by the survey, with the biggest issue being inferior accommodation. Thirty one percent of people were not happy because furniture was broken, or things like the Wi-Fi were not working.

The next biggest issue related to concerns about cleanliness and health. In total 28% of the complaints that British holidaymakers made related to concerns with cleanliness or illnesses they had suffered from while holidaying.

Twenty three percent of the complaints filed related to the fact that their accommodation was not clean. Many said that even when they pointed the problems out staff did nothing to rectify the situation.

Five percent complained that they had suffered from some form of illness while they were on holiday. The list of illnesses reported was a long one and included Campylobacter, Cyclospnora, Cryptosporidium, Giardia, Salmonella and the norovirus bug. Many of them had contracted the illness while on holiday. One respondent said, “We were on the loo for most of the holiday”. Stomach bugs are a common problem for people who travel regularly.

The fact that so many holidaymakers are worried about picking up illnesses while away, in particular stomach bugs, is one reason that sales of hand hygiene products have risen so steeply in the past few years. There is also evidence that more travellers are taking packets of disinfectant wipes with them. Often, they are taking no chances. They are wiping down all surfaces using the wipes to make sure that they are hygienically clean.

Now we know that may sound like bad news for hotel ad bed and breakfast accommodation owners, but in fact it is good news.There is no evidence that people are being put off of travelling due to their concerns about hygiene.

They still want to travel and will take the necessary steps to avoid catching a bug while they are away. For those holiday accommodation owners who are very careful about hygiene standards this is actually very good news.It means that they have the edge over their competitors.

If you get good comments about your hygiene standards on the main review sites it can really help you to attract more visitors. You can encourage guests to leave reviews by asking them to fill out a two or three question paper review when they check out. Include a question re the level of cleanliness, then in a few words ask them to leave a review on a site like Tripadvisor. If they do go online and leave a review, you will be surprised at how often they mention the things you asked them about in your paper review. It is a subtle way of getting the things you do best commented about and shared with potential customers who often read the reviews before they book.


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