The past decade has seen unprecedented growth in the hotel industry. Most countries have seen a dramatic increase in the number of hotels. In addition, the average size of hotels has increased across the world. Property developers lured by what seemed to be a guaranteed return on investment have pumped a lot of money into building new holiday accommodation.

Sadly, many of these new hotels, particularly those in the independent sector, are not well designed, they are not that good. The facilities may be high quality, but they often do not offer a good customer experience. There is a tendency for the industry to Plan your holidayfocus on short-term returns. Unfortunately, many new hotels are run by accountants rather than by hoteliers.

Profitability has become the primary focus; sadly, often at the expense of quality. These types of hotels can survive, despite being mediocre, in buoyant economic conditions. Today, they struggle to stay open. If you are going to open holiday accommodation, nearly getting it right will only work when times are good.

If you are thinking of opening a hotel here is the approach you need to take.

What do your customers want?

Like any business, you will only be successful if you provide your customers with what they want. In the hotel business it is vitally important to know your customer and give them what they want. If you fail to do so, we guarantee that you will never fill your rooms. People will book with you once and never return again. If you are very unlucky they will tell their friends about their negative experience, and may even leave a negative review online.

Deliver on what you promise

Once you have established what your customers want you need to deliver it. That may mean investing heavily in your business to bring everything up to spec.

If you are just starting out or are on a small budget you should do up as many rooms as you can to a high standard. This is a far better approach than doing up all of the rooms, but to a lower standard.

There is a lot of competition out there, and it is increasing. More people are travelling, but more people are opening up rooms in their homes to guests using sites like AirBnB. That means there is that it really does not matter where you operate in the world there is growing competition.

Offer an individual service

You need to offer something special to stand out from the crowd. Numerous studies show that the thing hotel visitors cherish the most is personal service.

Providing little extras and being prepared to go that extra mile for your guests is a sure way to get return visitors. If you run a big enough establishment going back to the old days of providing a concierge will definitely give you the edge over your competition. Importantly including many larger hotel chains.

Keep on improving

You have to remember that this industry is a fast changing one. Therefore, you must be constantly studying the trends and responding to the changing needs of your customers. It is never enough to rely on discounts to give you market share. If you take that approach you will eventually run out of customers completely.


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