Most of us like to travel as much as possible, but, unfortunately, how many trips we can enjoy is limited. This can because we do not have enough free time, but usually, it is because we do not have a limitless pot of money to spend on travelling.

Travelling on a budget

However, if you think outside the box you will be pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to go where you want even if you do not have that much money available. One of the biggest expenses any traveller faces is the cost of accommodation.

If you focus on keeping that key cost down, you will be surprised by how many extra breaks you and your family can enjoy.

Be prepared to travel mid-week

If you are planning to travel to the larger tourist resorts be prepared to arrive mid-week rahter than at the weekends. At places like Euro Disney, Paris they are usually packed at the weekends, but nowhere near as busy mid-week.You could book yourself in for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and save a substantial amount of money by doing so.

Understand the rhythm of the place you are visiting

Whereas if you want to visit a city you are often better off doing so at the weekend. This is particularly the case in those cities that are used for business. During the week the hotels tend to be full of conference attendees, as well as people who commute long distance and stay in the city overnight. Avoiding these areas during the week can save you a lot of money.

Be flexible and shop around

tent alternative travel accommodationThe more flexible you are the more likely it is that you can keep the price of your holiday down. Keeping an open mind enables you to shop around and find the best deal. The wider you cast your net the better.

Consider everything including tents and hostel accommodation. You can find campsites in surprising places. For example, did you know there is one in the Bois de Boulogne, Paris. For the price of a hotel room at the height of the tourist season you can buy a tent. Understandably, for a location like this site fees are high, but they are nowhere as costly as a large family hotel room.

It is easier than ever to stay in people´s homes rather than in hotels. Often, this works out far cheaper to do, so if you have not tried this before, why not do so on your next trip.

Be prepared to travel

Even in very expensive parts of the world you only have to stay a few miles from where all of the action is to slash the cost of your accommodation. For example, if you want to visit Venice don´t bother to stay in the city itself. Instead, stay a few miles away in Mestre and take the train into Venice instead. It is a great place to stay, and you can save as much as 30 or 40% on your room. You can do this in practically any place, just be sure to check the public transport timetables and travel costs before booking your accommodation.



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