When people think of family holiday destinations they rarely, if ever, consider going to a stately home or mansion house. In fact, many people do not even realise that many of the UK’s stately home and large country house owners offer accommodation. Even when they do they often think that staying in them would cost a fortune and that they only want a certain kind of guest. In reality, neither is true.

Here we will take a look at what a few of the smaller country mansions have to offer, to show you that country house are perfect for family holidays. Many houses are small enough for an extended family to hire out in its entirety providing a spectacular backdrop for a private family holiday.

The Cost of Family Holidays in Country Houses


The cost varies considerably depending on the time of year, but this is true of all holiday accommodation. Most stately homes, mansion houses and large country houses offer deals at various times of the year.

Beautiful Surroundings

Often this type of holiday accommodation is located in very pretty areas For example, there are plenty of this type of property in the Lake District, in the UK. Truly great for families who enjoy outdoor activities.

Some houses have acres of land to explore. It is possible to arrange shooting, fishing, archery, canoeing, escorted walks and cultural tours with the owners. In some parts of the country you will be located near a river, which means that you can even experience white water rafting and riverside past times like fishing.

Self-Catering Accommodation in Country Houses

Sometimes this type of accommodation is available on a self-catering basis. Often, if you wish, the owners can arrange for staff like a cook, waiting staff or even a butler.

This approach encourages people to use the house to host special occasions such as a party to celebrate a wedding anniversary or special birthday. Over the years, they will have hosted all kinds of parties, so will have the expertise to pull off a really special event.

The Advantages of Taking over a Country House for a Family Holiday

It is possible for families to stay in most of the UK’s large stately homes, mansion houses and large country houses. However, this means that the family’s routine has to take into account other guests. By going away with the extended family and taking over the whole house and opting for self-catering your family can pretty much do what they want when they want. The kids can play in the grounds without worrying about disturbing other guests. Sharing the cost of the holiday between family members means everyone can enjoy themselves in a unusual, spectacular, location at a great price.

There are dozens of stately homes, mansion houses and large country houses listed online. Many of them are located in the UK. However, if you look carefully you can find this type of accommodation available in other countries. For example, if you want to find this type of family holiday location in France you will need to search for chateaus rather than country houses.

Family Holidays in Country HousesThey are also lighthouses, farmhouses and even castles available to rent in some countries. Finding the perfect holiday accommodation for you and your family is easy because they include lots of detail about each location.


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