If you are going on holiday, it makes sense to buy some travel insurance.

This kind of insurance protects you in the following situations:

Cancellation – If you have to cancel your holiday, you can get a refund. Normally you will be refunded the cost of any flights and train, ferry or coach tickets. You will also get a refund for the cost of any accommodation you have already paid for. It is also possible to claim for any cancellation fees that are levied against you.


The acceptable reasons for cancellation vary, but, generally, you are covered if you have to cancel because you or a member of your family is too sick to travel.


Some firms also provide coverage should a close member of your family end up in hospital or die.

Accident coverage – if you have an accident whilst on holiday and need to seek medical care you can usually reclaim the cost of that treatment from your insurance firm. A good policy will also cover the cost of returning you to your home with a medical professional such as a nurse or doctor should that prove necessary.

Liability insurance – some, but not all policies, will provide you with an element of public liability insurance.

Loss of cash and personal items – if you lose your luggage, cash and other valuable items or they are stolen from you a good travel insurance policy will cover the cost of replacing them.


Delayed and missed departure – it is also possible to buy coverage for missed or delayed departure. If you have to book additional tickets to get to your destination or pay for a hotel room while you wait for your flight or train this type of policy will cover those extra costs.

Do You Need Travel Insurance for a Bed and Breakfast Holiday?

It is easy to see why you would need travel insurance if you are going on a long trip or going away for several weeks. However, even if you are just going on a bed and breakfast holiday buying single trip travel insurance could still be a good idea.
If you are driving a few hours down the road to spend a weekend in a bed and breakfast you probably do not need to worry about travel insurance. Provided your home contents insurance covers your possessions while you are out and about and you are not planning to take part in any potentially dangerous activities while away you probably do not need travel insurance for a weekend away.

On the other hand, if you using a hire car, coach, train or plane to get to your holiday destination you do need travel insurance. The same applies if it is a holiday that includes potentially dangerous activities and your possessions are not covered by your home contents policy.

If you want more advice about all kinds of insurance, including travel policies thatsinsurance is a good resource. The guy who runs this site worked as an insurance broker for many years, which means that the information you get here is detailed and relevant.


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