After years of running a successful bed and breakfast business we have finally decided to hang up our aprons and return to a traditional lifestyle. However, having been involved in the industry for so long giving up bed and breakfasting has proved much more difficult than we thought.

We miss some aspects of the life (not being woken up at 5am because guests need to leave), and have found it hard to let go completely. Now, we know we are too old to start again, but want to be involved in the industry in some way, and that is the inspiration for this blog.

Here we share what we know about setting up and running a successful bed and breakfast business and tell you a few hair-raising and frankly bizarre stories too. You will soon see why the Witts End domain name seemed appropriate for this project.

Our aim is to help those thinking of, or just getting going, with running a bed and breakfast business to success. Here we will be sharing what we hope will prove to be ‘pearls of wisdom’ for those interested in the business.

We also aim to help people to find the right bed and breakfast accommodation and enjoy staying in other people’s homes. Now we have the spare time we have started to travel more and whenever we can we use B&B accommodation, so are in a position to be helpful to that type of reader too.

Fingers crossed both groups of readers will benefit from the tips, tricks, review and advice they find at Witts End B&B.


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